It's fine to want things to happen in a proper and timely way. But what if you need to hang in there for several years in your current job before you can move on to a better one, or you're stuck on hold listening to elevator music, going to the mailbox each day for a long-awaited letter, or trying to get a squirming toddler into a car seat? Now what?  Patience means handling delay, difficulty, or discomfort without getting aggravated. Circumstances are what they are, but patience protects you from their impact like a shock absorber."I think I have lots of good qualities, but being patient is not my strongest suit. However, life is forcing me to be a bit more patient than I like to be lately, and I actually ¬†think I’m handling it pretty well. It’s interesting how sometimes life just teaches you the lessons you need to learn¬†when you need to learn them.

I follow Kate Evans on Facebook and love her updates. She recently posted this jewel that really spoke to how I’ve been feeling lately:

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