Little Devils Stairs 1We did a beautiful doozy of a hike yesterday: Little Devils Stairs in Shenandoah National Park, a 5.5 mile loop. If you do this hike, and I suggest that you do, follow the super clear and spot on directions at that link. Even though I just trained for and ran a freaking marathon, I am feeling it today! I always love that feeling.

It’s about a two hour nice drive from D.C. to get to Little Devils Stairs. I plugged the coordinates given at the link above (38.73060, -78.25827) into my GPS, and it does take you straight to the parking area, even though it seems like you’re going to a random field. Don’t worry — just keep driving!

Little Devils Stairs 2The hike starts out super tame but then gets incredibly steep, and you’ll find yourself climbing up a ravine and passing many “rapids,” as I liked to call them. Most people would call them “babbling brooks,” but that’s neither here nor there.

For full disclosure, I don’t have any siblings and was really never around boys much as a child. I love nature, hiking and getting dirty outside, but when it comes to climbing up or over things? I’ll pass. I will so pass. But I handled the streams pretty well and even crossed one stream by walking over a log! Success.

Little Devils Stairs 3

Nailed it.

You just keep going up and up the ravine for a couple miles, and then the trail levels off, where you’ll take a left and follow the yellow markers. Then, you’ll approach a hemlock forest, where we kept joking a witch must live. Our jokes stopped a little when we came to a tiny cemetery for the Bolen family, which I’ve since learned is appropriately named Bolen Cemetery. I can’t image a more peaceful and remote resting place.

The last mile of the hike gets really steep again as you’re going downhill, so don’t go too fast! Overall, the other hikers we passed were friendly, the trail was super well maintained and the views were beautiful. Even though we were going kind of slow, it only took us three hours to complete this hike.

Little Devils Stairs 3


We made a terrible decision after the hike: to stop at Golden Corral. Umm, eww. I haven’t been to Golden Corral since my college days at the University of Tennessee when we would stop there after visiting Dollywood, and I don’t think I need to go back ever. It was $15 for the most awful food. Even with the Golden Corral mistake, I give my Saturday a 10 out of 10!