NantucketA few months ago, I got this crazy desire out of nowhere to go to Nantucket, Massachusetts. Kieran has been calling it my quarter-life crisis. If this really is my quarter-life crisis, I’ll take it.

That said, I am thrilled to say we booked a Nantucket trip for late next month! I think a few days of being 30 miles at sea will be out of this world.

But how can we afford to go to Nantucket of all places? Massachusetts is quite spendy. Well, I’ve tried to be as smart as possible about planning this trip. We found the cutest inn to stay in, right in the heart of the island and at a great rate right after Memorial Day.

tumblr_mtmxutRd921sqgccho1_500 2The rates are so much cheaper at the end of May (compared to June through August), so that’s partially why we’re taking such an early summer vacation. I’m just hoping it’s not too chilly or rainy in May. We’ll also be going during the week, rather than on a weekend, to save lots of money. I assumed I would find the best deals through Airbnb, but this inn beat everything.

To Kieran’s relief, we’ll also be driving, not flying. It’s a 10 hour drive through parts the country I haven’t driven though before. I really love long drives with Kieran anyways because I don’t know how someone can be so funny. We’ll be leaving my car on the mainland and taking a two-hour ferry ride to the island, where we can rent bikes to get around!

510_Nantucket_Map[1] 2There are so many things I want to do while we’re there, first and foremost being food. I am so excited for such fresh seafood! Kieran is a very picky eater and says she doesn’t like seafood. I secretly want this trip to convert her.

I truthfully plan to eat my weight in baked goods while we’re there and enjoy a number of libations. Basically, my dream is that we spend our time pretending we are in Lands’ In catalog.

Nantucket BoatsI also really hope I can get some Nantucket morning beach runs in! I am so excited to pack my running shoes for this trip. It’s so enjoyable to see the world in that unique way.

I’ll be looking lots more into this in the upcoming weeks and can’t wait to share my findings. Nantucket on a (semi) budget can be done, I know it! If you have been or have any recommendations, please share them with me! I am open to anything.