Baby Suz

I hate kneading bread dough. Truthfully, I almost always skip that step, even though it’s so important. But I was just kneading some pizza dough (mmm!) and having such sappy thoughts, so this post is brought to you by pizza crust.

That little chubby thing above is me! Sassy, right? I’m including this picture because I’ve been thinking a lot about growing up and how amazing yet difficult it can be.

If you had sat me down a few years ago and told me that I would one day be this content with my life, I don’t think I would have believed you. I mean, I am full of bliss while just kneading pizza dough while Kieran naps for goodness sakes! And even that small moment is something I am so thankful for. Not to say that my life was necessarily bad a while ago, but it’s sweeter than anything I could have ever imagined now. It’s remarkable what a few years of growing and finding the right teammate for life can do.

I have this seemingly unbreakable bond with someone who just gets me, I get to go to work every day and come home to a cozy place, my health is probably the best its ever been, I can’t remember the last day I went without a belly laugh…oh and I ran a marathon! I find so many blessings in the “mundane,” routine things these days.

Despite how grateful I am for everything I have in life now, that’s not to say my days are without struggles and hardships. I wrestle internally with a lot of family issues and also with how restless I can be in general (a typical Sagittarius, what can I say). But when I really think about it, even the things I struggle with are blessings because they’re teaching me a little more about myself, bit by bit. Just because I feel such happiness, does not mean that I can’t feel sadness. Yin and yang!

Now, can my mindset just always stay this great? Yes?

And, perhaps more importantly, can this pizza crust be done rising soon? It’s the simplest and best recipe: 2 cups whole grain flour (or one cup whole grain and one cup of white flour if you’re trying to be nice to your significant other…ahem), one cup warm water, a packet of yeast, a little honey, a bit of salt and some olive oil. Homemade things are always worth it.