Oh man. We hiked the White Oak Canyon/Cedar Run loop yesterday, and it was an 8 mile, nearly six hour doozy. Don’t get me wrong, it was gorgeous and I felt so good after, but I don’t think I’ll want to do this one again. If you do this hike, definitely don’t make the mistake we did of not starting this hike until almost 1 p.m.

White Oak Canyon

It took us about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to the parking area from where we live near D.C., and the drive was gorgeous. I mean look at that scenery below! You just can’t get views like that close to the city. I always feel recharged after being out in no man’s land.

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It's fine to want things to happen in a proper and timely way. But what if you need to hang in there for several years in your current job before you can move on to a better one, or you're stuck on hold listening to elevator music, going to the mailbox each day for a long-awaited letter, or trying to get a squirming toddler into a car seat? Now what?  Patience means handling delay, difficulty, or discomfort without getting aggravated. Circumstances are what they are, but patience protects you from their impact like a shock absorber."I think I have lots of good qualities, but being patient is not my strongest suit. However, life is forcing me to be a bit more patient than I like to be lately, and I actually  think I’m handling it pretty well. It’s interesting how sometimes life just teaches you the lessons you need to learn when you need to learn them.

I follow Kate Evans on Facebook and love her updates. She recently posted this jewel that really spoke to how I’ve been feeling lately:

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Eisley with babies

The Eisley ladies, Sherri, Stacy and Chauntelle, and all their babies!

A few years ago, I only knew a few Eisley songs, but I was friends with Kieran, who has loved them for more than a decade. So I bought their CD “The Valley” without knowing how much Eisley would come to mean to me.

I love their music, and I especially love their family bond. I am an only child and cannot even imagine that bond (and, truth be told, I am so content being an only child.) And Sherri’s relationship and marriage to Max Bemis? Don’t even get me started.

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Little Devils Stairs 1We did a beautiful doozy of a hike yesterday: Little Devils Stairs in Shenandoah National Park, a 5.5 mile loop. If you do this hike, and I suggest that you do, follow the super clear and spot on directions at that link. Even though I just trained for and ran a freaking marathon, I am feeling it today! I always love that feeling.

It’s about a two hour nice drive from D.C. to get to Little Devils Stairs. I plugged the coordinates given at the link above (38.73060, -78.25827) into my GPS, and it does take you straight to the parking area, even though it seems like you’re going to a random field. Don’t worry — just keep driving! Read the rest of this entry »

NantucketA few months ago, I got this crazy desire out of nowhere to go to Nantucket, Massachusetts. Kieran has been calling it my quarter-life crisis. If this really is my quarter-life crisis, I’ll take it.

That said, I am thrilled to say we booked a Nantucket trip for late next month! I think a few days of being 30 miles at sea will be out of this world. Read the rest of this entry »

Baby Suz

I hate kneading bread dough. Truthfully, I almost always skip that step, even though it’s so important. But I was just kneading some pizza dough (mmm!) and having such sappy thoughts, so this post is brought to you by pizza crust.

That little chubby thing above is me! Sassy, right? I’m including this picture because I’ve been thinking a lot about growing up and how amazing yet difficult it can be. Read the rest of this entry »

New Year's Eve DressIn an effort to be a little more frugal, I have barely bought any clothing items since…wait for it…August! Okay, with the exception of a pair of flats and a New Year’s Eve dress (thanks, as always, ModCloth). I needed the flats for work, and New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. It deserved some sparkles!

It has not been an easy task to say the least, but it has been beneficial for my wallet. As much as I have been complaining about being so bored with all my clothes, do I really need another shirt or dress? No. I’m trying to get a bit better about wants versus needs. Plus, because of this, I’ve paid a bit extra (key word: bit) on my student loans, and we’re planning a Nantucket trip for the summer! More on that to come, I hope.

The older I get, the more I realize I value memories and experiences much more than things. Who needs the clutter anyway? I wonder how long I can keep this no clothing rule up! It’s not easy.

P.S. For dinner tonight, I made this whole grain skillet cornbread one more time this season before the weather gets too warm. Do yourself a favor and make it as soon as possible.

Citrus Crunch SaladAvocado citrus crunch salad with oat croutons and a buttermilk drizzle (courtesy of one of my favorite food bloggers). What. Even.

Actually, let’s just look at it instead of talking about it. I’m eternally glad springtime is here again in D.C. and hopefully to stay! My bare arms even got the chance to see the sun today. And daffodils! Bliss.

Off to watch Mystery Diners now. Have you ever seen that show on Food Network? If not, get to it. It’s so awful amazing.

Rock 'N' Roll D.C.I never knew I could sustain so much joy through 26.2 miles, to say nothing that comes with the over-the-top elation of now being able to call myself a marathoner. I seriously had a BLAST, ankle injury and all. In fact, my little ankle injury barely even spoke up on race day (it’s yelling at me now, but that’s another matter). Rather than trying to fight the injury or any pain I may have felt, on race day I decided to take my friend’s suggestion and invite every doubt and pain I’ve had over the past months to come run along with me. And you know what? I overcame every doubt or fear I had leading up to this race!

My running cohorts and I arrived about an hour early and had time to gear check, use the porta potties TWICE (a miracle), drink some water and…the best part of all…enjoy some hand warmers! The small luxury of hand warmers before the start was heavenly at the time.

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